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Sony TV Naming

I’ve found a note in some rogue One Note of mine and thought it would be great to have this note Accessible at all time. Thats why I’m posting it here.

I’ve always wondered how the Naming of Sony TVs has been made and what it tell us this is the current version of this:

A Sony TV can be named like “Sony KD-65XF7596” and this means the following

  • KD = Digital TV
  • 65 = Diagonal Size of TV
  • X = 4K TV (R = Entry Level1080p, W = High Level 1080p, Z = Premium Devices)
  • F = Year of Model Release (C = 2015, D = 2016, E = 2017, F = 2018, G = 2019)
  • 75 = Level of Configuration – The higher the better equipped is the TV
  • 96 = Small differences between the same Model – different Color, different Stand …

So next Time you check out that neat Sony Advertisement you will be able to see when this Model has been released, how well it is equipped and where it is place in the Sony World of TV.

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